The magic of Yerba Mate

Drinking Yerba Mate is a peculiar ritual. Very popular but mystical at the same time.

In Southern America an unknown visitor is greeted with it. Yerba Mate infusion is drunk during family gatherings and with friends.

One person �?? usually the host- engages into serving, fills up a gourd called matero and passes it on to another person. They drink all of the infusion using a special straw (Bombilla!) and gives the gourd back to the host to fill up again with warm water and to pass it on.


A few facts about Yerba Mate:

  • builds up strength
  • beats tiredness
  • improves concentration
  • relieves stress and fights sleeplessness
  • boosts immunity
  • enhances digestion
  • purifies blood and removes toxins
  • balances the nervous system
  • helps regain youthful hair colour
  • delays ageing
  • helps lose weight naturally
  • contains vitamins and minerals

Yerba mate integrates and builds up relations.